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Norah, Quihampton

Date of Bith: 1880
Place of Birth: Walton, Surrey

Norah Quihampton was born in 1880 at Walton,Surrey.She was the daughter of Member of London Stock Exchange,William and Clara.
1881 Census shows Norah living with her parents and four siblings at “Ashdown Lodge”,Rylands Road,Walton -on -Thames,Surrey.
Records show that Norah,a nurse,traveled to Cape Town,South Africa on 3/6/1920 aged 40.

We don’t have any personal details on Norah. She went out to Royaumont Abbey, near Paris. Norah joined the Scottish Women’s Hospitals as a nurse on the 26th of February 1918 and left the service on December the 1st 1918.

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