An Afternoon with Elsie Inglis

An Afternoon with Elsie Inglis

City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX, UK

The funeral of Dr Elsie Inglis, who died on November 26th, 1917, brought the city of Edinburgh to a standstill. The woman the War Office told to ‘go home and sit still’ had added the title of war hero to her list of remarkable achievements of medical pioneer and campaigner for a woman’s right to vote.

She is one of Scotland’s greatest women, a fit role model for rising generations, and yet she is still largely unknown in her own country. In Serbia, there are memorials and fountains in her name, and she is still held in high regard by Serbians.

To mark the centenary of the life and times of this remarkable Scotswoman, we invite you to join us for an afternoon with Elsie. Speakers include :

  • Alan Cumming, historian and campaigner, and the man who deserves recognition for his work in bringing Elsie back into the public eye.
  • Ailsa Clarke : Elsie’s early years including up to the eve of World War 1.
  • Zvedana Popovic : Deeds Not Words. A motto for a life lived in the service of others.
  • Louise Miller : author of ‘A Fine Brother’, a biography of Flora Sandes, Louise will talk about the Serbian retreat. Flora and Elsie knew each other well, and were in Serbia at the same time.
  • Tony Waterston and Hugh Maddox : relatives of Elsie Inglis.
  • Dr. Jo Hockley OBE: Learn how Elsie’s name and spirit live on the work of the charity ‘Hospices Of Hope’.

Ticket price : £5.00

Surgeons’ Hall Museums Presentation

The Women Who Went to War- A Great Adventure

Date(s): 27 November 2017

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: £2

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The Women who went to War- A Great Adventure presented by Alan Cummings.

“Good lady go home and sit still” was the response from the war to Dr Elise Inglis’ request for women doctors and surgeons to serve in front line hospitals. 

The story of Dr Elsie Inglis and her colleagues’ contribution throughout the war is told by Alan Cumming, from Cumbernauld, who uncovered a memorial to the women on a trip to watch football in Belgrade, Serbia. Join us to hear more about their extraordinary story.  Alan presents in film his own journey to tell this fantastic story. 

The Women Who Went to War- A Great Adventure is a documentary and will form part of the evening’s talk. 


Museum access until 9pm following the event. 


The Doctor Who Healed History

A super film on the story of the remarkable Zarko Vukovic, who dedicated so much of his life to restoring the work of many of the medical missions that served in Serbia during ww1.

 His devotion to Dr Elsie Inglis and many of the other Scottish Women who served in Serbia is powerfully depicted in this very moving film.