Falkirk Workers’ Educational Association Group

Hi Alan

Many thanks for the wonderful presentation last week.
Our group is a Workers’ Educational Association Group doing a course to look at lesser known aspects of WW1. As such your talk and presentation was very appropriate.
Some comments from members:
Excellent presentation. Very informative. Hope more groups take up on this talk. – Christine
Presentation very good and touching at times. Reminds us how lucky we are not to have had a war in our land. Other groups would appreciate a presentation and give a donation – Mary
Presentation was very good and interesting – Helen B
Very interesting – Mary J
Very well researched and a lot of commitment went into the work. Found it interesting, educational and informative. A valuable future resource. – Isobel
Kindest regards
Helen Jeffery

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Dear Alan

Thank you so much for coming to give us your presentation on the Scottish Women’s Hospitals this morning at the Conversations group.  Everyone found it an absolutely fascinating topic and the DVD gave a great understanding of what the Scottish Women’s Hospitals went through during the First World War.

Will be back in touch with you again soon.

With best wishes


Carol Parry
Library and Heritage Manager
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Jacques Fournier remembers the work of the SWH at Troyes.

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I first met Jacques Fournier at Royaumont Abbey, 50 kilometers North of Paris, in March 2014 while we were filming our presentation.  His enthusiasm and devotion to remembering the work of the Scottish Womens’ Hospitals (SWH) in France was quickly apparent, as was his eagerness to find out more on the subject and, in particular, the work of the Girton and Newnham unit at Troyes.

   Over the past year Jacques and I have been exchanging  documents, photographs and personal details of the women who served at the hospital in Troyes
   Jacques has also been heavily involved in this years exhibition at Troyes. An event organised by Francis Trailleur. We wish Jacques every success in his presentation on the SWH at this event and hope it is well supported as he has put much effort into researching and understanding  the roll of the SWH at Troyes in 1915. We look forward to seeing you all in Troyes this May.